Ethics and professional skills

Increasing your employability

As well as being one the three key requirements towards ACCA membership, the Ethics and Professional Skills module is designed to increase your employability by exposing you to realistic business situations and developing the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills.

Strategic Professional Exam Success

In an interactive environment, the module is proven to supplement your technical knowledge by helping you develop the ethical and professional behaviours you’ll need to be successful in the Strategic Professional exams.

Therefore you should complete the module in advance of attempting these exams - students who do so are statistically proven to significantly enhance their chances of passing the exams.

Module content

The module is made of learning, support and assessment units.  On 2 April the module was updated to further develop your professional, ethical and digital skills. 

View the module content from 2 April 2019

If you completed the module before 2 April 2019 you will subsequently still have access to all the new content, but it won't be compulsory for you to complete this content.  Watch the video below for more information on the latest version of the module.

Fee and duration

There is a one off cost for the module with no resit fees if you need to repeat the final assessment. The module takes approximately 20 hours to complete and once you have paid you'll have unlimited access to the content.  

To find out the current module fee please visit our pricing page

Module award

On completion of the module you will have access to a transcript of all  completed content and a certificate.  Valuable resources to prove your professionalism to current and future employers.

Ethics and professional Skills module

Our new Ethics and Professional Skills module is now available. ACCA students, affiliates and members can access it.

If you’ve successfully completed the Professional Ethics Module (PEM) under the old syllabus, you don’t need to complete the Ethics and Professional module.  However, you will be able to access it to support your preparations for the Strategic Professional exams.

See the full list of FAQs about the Ethics and Professional Skills module.