There are times when problems can arise in practitioner-client relationships. By setting out terms of engagement, which clearly state the exact terms of agreement, you can avoid legal disputes later.

In partnership with VS Consultancy, we have produced engagement letter templates that can form the basis of a contract between practitioner and client to cover a variety of scenarios.

These are available for ACCA members to purchase for £30 + VAT.

Efficient, effective

The tool consists of self-loading Microsoft Word engagement letter files, which you can then tailor to your needs. The product consists of standard letters of engagement for a series of different business types and services.

In-tool guidance

The product includes guidance on:

  • what an engagement letter should cover to clarify the scope of your services
  • how to confirm the agreement with the client
  • writing a framework for how the work will be performed
  • establishing an appropriate working relationship
  • how the engagement letter should address fee arrangements

Software compatibility

This product will run on systems using Windows 97 and later versions.

Questions and support

If you have questions about this product or require support, please email us at