There are times when problems can arise in practitioner-client relationships. By setting out terms of engagement, which clearly state the exact terms of agreement, you can avoid legal disputes later.

ACCA in partnership with VS Consultancy has in the past produced a series of engagement letter templates for a variety of scenarios but we're making changes to provide the best possible support to you.

We believe that the future of this area lies in the integration of payment, money laundering requirements and engagement letters into a single onboarding process. As it's not possible to develop our current product in this way, sales have now been discontinued.

Our new partner, Practice Ignition, will offer an alternative product tailored to our members in Spring 2020. And we'll post more details on this in early 2020 as well as making available several free factsheets that will have some of the content from the Engagement Letters product. 

By making this change our goal is ultimately to save you time and resource.

Factsheet available for immediate download

Download our free Technical Factsheet Engagement Letters for Tax Practitioners that includes a number of taxation engagement letters.

Questions and support

If you have questions about this product, please email us at